Consultation Services:

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Construction Consultation: We can do flat rate consultation on your project if you need the expertise but want to do the job yourself. With our decades of experience, we can assist you in your project overview to ensure it gets done based on the right plan and set of goals. We have additional services if your needs vary.

As experienced advisors, we can help you avoid many of the beginner shortfalls and help keep your project profitable.

  • Determining your profit goals upfront
  • Putting together an Expense guide to follow
  • Having appropriate Vendor and Sub Contracts
  • Commercial Lending input/shortfalls to avoid
  • Design services and Profit potential determination
  • Advice on sticking to a plan to the finish

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Why It's Best?

This is our Business.

This is what we do.

History of Success

This Industry is full of those that have tried and failed. We been doing it for almost 30 yrs.

Maximizing Design & Profitability

Once you have your budget, the best design is going to get your investment sold.

Coordination Process -

We work directly with you as a partner. Advising on site and offsite to ensure that your project goes as expected. The hands on approach will help guide you to the finish line.

Reporting and Cost Control +
Subs and Labor when needed +

Service Brochure

Our Brochure section is coming soon.


Our Offer

  • If you’re new to the business, making your initial process a success
  • We will be there from the beginning to the end.
  • We can assist you in everyday through the process
  • Will provide you the necessary documents
  • Can provide the Labor and Subs
  • Can also provide Design assistance.

We are an experienced Contractor Service that has done almost every type of remodeling available. We’ve done fire house remodels to 6000 sqr ft homes and everything in between.

We specialize in Mid Century modern to modern design, from kitchens to bathrooms, full guts to partial or just room remodels; we’ve done it. We also have similar experience with exterior work. We can design and do road, landscaping, lawn, and secondary building work like Additional Dwelling units, Gyms, and Golf simulators.

Providing the full contractor experience makes each job go faster and easier to coordinate from the customers’ end.